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About the series...

Every person has a history - a heritage which defines and directs that person's character. That history, and the search for and discovery of that heritage, provide fascinating stories, giving insight to our own family, culture, country and selves. The television series ACROSS GENERATIONS is about those searches and the stories they uncover.

First Flight Productions, LLC, is currently producing the pilot and series episodes for the television series ACROSS GENERATIONS. Each episode is a narrated documentary which chronicles the great human adventure stories of people as they search for and discover their family's history. ACROSS GENERATIONS uncovers real family connections made by real people.

Submit Your Stories

To complement existing series stories already acquired, we encourage you to submit your own stories. We ask that anyone who is in the process or who has completed a genealogical quest which led to the discovery of a great human adventure story surrounding their family's history and heritage to please submit your story. We ask that people think about their stories, and for those stories with a real "wow factor", we will consider them for possible inclusion as an episode segment. If chosen, the initial part of the process will involve a video interview, and the guest will be asked to appear on camera and to be identified. Should we decide to acquire the rights to a story, compensation will be negotiated.

Capital Campaign

First Flight has received many offers of assistance from organizations and individuals, including queries on how to support financially this production. We are starting a major fundraising campaign in order to produce the television series for public television, and we need your help. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the producers to talk about giving a gift towards furthering the production of Across Generations, please address your query to

Production Support

We have started working with Three Roads Communications to produce the Across Generations television series. They have tremendous experience with quality, public television production, including the shows Legends of Airpower, For the Love of Their Brother, Frontiers of Medicine and Unspoiled Planet. We look forward to producing the series with them. Three Roads Web Site

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