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November 18, 2005

After careful review and evaluation, the staff and board of directors of the National Genealogical Society is pleased to endorse the television series "Across Generations." We are convinced that you have created a well-planned and comprehensive project that will be of great benefit to your viewing audience.

We know from current statistical information that more than 60 percent of Americans are interested in varying degrees in the study of genealogy. It is amazing to me that this subject is not addressed by the media to a greater extent. Your fascinating case histories and other program information will fill a void that exists in relevant programming.

If we can provide advice or guidance on any portions of the project, you have only to let us know. Congratulations on developing a timely, high-quality project. We look forward to seeing it in wide distribution in the very near future.

Diane O’Connor
Executive Director
National Genealogical Society
3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300
Arlington, Virginia 22204-4304
tel. 703-525-0050 / fax: 703-525-0052
toll free: 1-800-473-0060

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