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Question 1) What important discoveries, connections or revelations did you make during your search? What is the "wow factor", i.e., your "against all odds" story? Did you encounter an unbelievable set of circumstances that unexpectedly led you to complete your journey?

Question 2) Is there anything from the search itself and the stories uncovered that is relevant to current events or issues? What perspectives, lessons, connections, etc... can we learn?

Question 3) Did you find anything or anyone of historical significance? It could be a person, an event, a place, etc...

Question 4) Are any historical artifacts available? These could be photos, heirlooms, houses, etc...

Question 5) Briefly describe the story or stories you discovered. What is the narrative?
(Please keep this under 500 words.)

Question 6) Where did you hear about our television series? Which newsletter, group, e-mail, magazine, press release, etc...


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