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To complement existing series stories already acquired, we encourage you to submit your own stories. We ask that anyone who is in the process or who has completed a genealogical quest which led to the discovery of a great human adventure story surrounding their family's history and heritage to please complete the submission form. We ask that people think about their stories, and for those stories with a real "wow factor", we will consider them for possible inclusion as an episode segment. If chosen, the initial part of the process will involve a video interview, and the guest will be asked to appear on camera and to be identified. Should we decide to acquire the rights to a story, compensation will be negotiated.

Be sure to review the Submission Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your story.

Submission Guidelines
  1. All story submissions should be sent to First Flight Productions via its online Story Questionnaire or by sending a completed printed form submission to:

    First Flight Productions, LLC
    Attn: Story Submissions
    PO Box 75
    Harrisonburg, VA 22803.

  2. Submissions are evaluated based on uniqueness and originality of the submission's topic and approach as well as First Flight Productions' current needs including, but not limited to, budget requirements and production schedule.

  3. Submissions will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. You will be notified ONLY if our producers select your submission for follow-up.

  4. If First Flight Productions decides that your submission is appropriate then we may have a third-party genealogy verification expert review the submission, and you will receive notification. Third-party genealogy verification results will NOT be released.

  5. Please note that your submission materials will not be returned. Tapes will be recycled. Do not send original material.

  6. The information gathered by First Flight Productions is information voluntarily supplied by the visitors and story submitters. We ask only for personal contact information so that if your submission meets our guideline requirements, we will be able to notify you. Visit our Privacy Statement for more information.

  7. Due to the volume of submissions and other considerations we may not be able to use a story and we make no commitment to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact us before submitting your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a "due date" for submissions?
No, we are always looking for stories. We have an entire series to create, and the more stories we have, the better the series for everyone.
Would I be interviewed on the air or do you put together the story on your own?
Before we conduct video interviews, we have to evaluate your story. If First Flight Productions decides your submission is appropriate we will request copies of the research you have conducted for your family history so we can identify and verify the salient story points as well as understand your search discoveries. Should the producers decide that your submission's documentation meets their expectations, the next step would be to have our third party verification expert - a professional genealogist - authentic your documentation. Authentication results will not be released. We will, however, contact you should we decide that your submission fits the needs of the Across Generations series. If we reach that point, then we would conduct the video interview. You would appear on camera, be identified, and be part of the television show's segment for your story.
Is there a financial payment made to me for the use of this story?
Should we decide to acquire the rights to a story, compensation will be negotiated. It is important to us that you understand that if we decide to accept your story, you still own it - you're simply allowing us to use it for our series.
Will I be able to review the story to be told and be able to make changes?
No. However, First Flight Productions develops and maintains excellent working relationships with the people who send us submissions. Once we decide to accept a story, all parties understand what story is being told.
Do you want a story from birth to death or do you want me to include in the story how I was able to find the records to support the story?
First Flight Productions chronicles the great human adventure stories of the past as well as the stories of people as they search for and discover their family's history. The best stories have a balance of the two parts.
Does my story have to be "true"?
The information you provide should true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Providing false or misleading information may lead to personal liability and legal consequences.
Does First Flight Productions use every story?
Due to the volume of submissions and other considerations we may not be able to use your story, and there is no commitment on our part to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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